All frames are measured using internal dimensions, height and width. So, if you have a 30x40 cm subject, you need to order the 30x40 cm frame. It is a common mistake to assume that the dimensions are related to the outer edges of the frame. All the measurements you enter for the frames need to be in centimetres (cm).
Measuring your subject to fit directly into a frame with a mount is very simple and you will need:
•    A measure
•    Pen or pencil
•    Paper to take notes
•    Your subject, e.g. poster, degree, puzzle, etc.
1.    Place and straighten your subject on a flat surface.
2.    Take the measurements of the height and width of the area you want to frame, in centimetres. If you plan to cut your subject, it must be done before taking the measurements. If your subject has white margins and you don't want them to show, you should cut those before taking the measurements.

Fig. 1. Frame your entire subject by providing us the height and width.

Fig. 2. Configure a section of your subject by cutting and then providing us with the height and width.

3.    Check your measurements again and confirm the size.
4.    Enter the measurements you have taken (do not make changes to the dimensions) in the photo FRAMING studio.
5.    Choose the mount.
6.    You will be asked to enter the desired mount width in centimetres.
For instance, to configure a subject that is 30 cm x 45 cm, enter 30 cm x 45 cm in the photo frame studio. Regarding the mount width, enter dimension 5 cm. Now your subject along with the mount will have dimensions of 40 cm x 55 cm. We will cut the mount opening 1 cm smaller in both height and width. This is to allow you to place your subject on the mount, preventing it from falling through the mount opening. If you do not want us to make any adjustments to the opening size of the mount, please contact us or let us know in the order comments box at the checkout.
7.    Check your measurements again and confirm the size.

8.    Frames always cover 5 mm of your subject.
9.    Enter the measurements you have taken in your photo frame studio to make sure the photo frame fits your subject.