General Conditions


1. Prices are subject to change without notice. Price commitment is made only through an electronic order and its confirmation by the Order Department and not by the automated order registration message. The online store under the brand name ARTECOFRAMES.COM cannot provide any warranty for the availability of the products but undertakes to inform customers about the unavailability on time. The customer from the moment of placing their order that will be processed and confirmed by the Order Department, is ensured to receive the product at the price they accepted even if the price has changed. In case the products listed in our online store bear the wrong price due to a typographical or electronic error then the orders are automatically cancelled. ARTECOFRAMES.COM is not responsible for any damages that arise to the customer/user of the online store from the execution or non-execution of orders or the delay of execution for any reason.

2. In no case the online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM is responsible for any legal or civil and/or criminal claims nor for any damage (positive, special or consequential, which indicatively and not restrictively, divisively or cumulatively consists of loss of profits, data, lost profits, monetary satisfaction, etc.) by visitors of the website or third parties related to the operation or not or the use of the online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM or failure to provide services or information made available by them or by any unauthorized third party interventions in products or services or information made available through them. The photos of the products are indicative and we are not responsible for any spelling errors. 5. The use of the online store must be done exclusively for legitimate purposes and in a way that does not limit or prevent its use by third parties. The visitor is obliged to use the website in accordance with the law and these terms, and not to commit acts or omissions that may cause harm or malfunction to them, affect or endanger the provision of ARTECOFRAMES.COM services.

3. The online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM makes every effort with all the necessary means for its proper operation but does not guarantee that the functions of the website or servers will be uninterrupted or without any kind of error, free from viruses or other similar elements.




4. The online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM reserves the right to add, modify, alter the content or services of the online store, as well as the terms of use, when it deems it necessary and without prior notice.



Intellectual and industrial property rights

5. Images, logos names and insignia representing ARTECOFRAMES.COM or third parties and their products or services, are exclusive trademarks of ARTECOFRAMES.COM or third parties protected by relevant trademark laws. Their appearance on the website should in no way be construed as a transfer or assignment of a license or right to use them.

6. The website visit requires the unconditional acceptance of the above terms and the use of the services of ARTECOFRAMES.COM, as they appear in the respective services.

The copyright of the content of the online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM (e.g., data, information, photos) and the services of ARTECOFRAMES.COM imported into the network, are protected by Greek, EU and international copyright laws.

Any copying, transfer, processing, resale, creation of derivative work or misleading the public about their real provider, the content of the online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM. is prohibited. Any reproduction, loading, announcement, dissemination, reissue or transmission or any other use in any way or means for commercial or other purposes and permitted only with the prior written permission of ARTECOFRAMES.COM.

Personal data - Collection - Processing - Privacy Statement

ARTECOFRAMES.COM fully complies with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (known as the “GDPR”) of the EU. The collection of personal data is made only for specific and strictly defined purposes, directly related to our business activity.  The legal basis of the processing is usually your consent, which is obtained after your detailed information. In addition, the processing of the data may be done by us for the performance of the contract between us or our compliance with our legal obligation or the purposes of our legitimate interests mainly related to our business activities. A prerequisite for the beginning of the conciliation between us is the disclosure by you of some of your personal information, as for your order we will ask you for your full name, the address to which your products will be sent, the number of your landline phone and optionally any other telephone number for your best service and communication between us in case of emergency, your e-mail address etc. Also, other data such as brand name, TIN, competent Tax Office in case of issuing an invoice.

The activity of the online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM, strictly following the principles of protection of personal data provided by the relevant laws and international conventions will not make any unfair and without your prior approval use of them.

The online store ARTECOFRAMES.COM, in no way discloses, makes public, sells, exchanges the personal data and information that you trust us. Your personal data may be made public by the company, always in compliance with the procedure provided by law when this is imposed by a public authority, court, etc. Your sensitive information is disclosed to the competent Bank and deleted from our base immediately after completing your order, thereby ensuring an even greater level of security.

ARTECOFRAMES.COM may change at any time these data protection provisions in order to adapt them to future extensions or other modifications of the website or individual services. This privacy statement covers the conditions for the collection and management of the personal information of visitors, users, members by ARTECOFRAMES.COM

Under any circumstances, including in the case of negligence, ARTECOFRAMES.COM is not responsible for any kind of damage suffered by its user, to which they proceed on their own initiative and with the knowledge of these terms.



ARTECOFRAMES.COM may collect identification data of users of its website using corresponding technologies, such as cookies. Cookies are small text files that are stored on the hard drive of each visitor/ user and do not take notice of any document or file from their computer. They are used to facilitate your access to the use of specific services and/or pages of ARTECOFRAMES.COM, for statistical reasons and in order to determine areas that are useful or popular. You can configure your web browser in such a way that it either warns you about the use of cookies in certain services or does not allow the acceptance of the use of cookies under no circumstances. If you visit or use these services and pages and do not wish to use cookies to identify you, you may not have further access to these services.